Pathfinder sequel Starfinder is now Paizo’s fastest-selling game of all time

12 September 2017
StarfinderPoster-07699.jpg Starfinder
Shifts more copies during first six hours of Gen Con than any other game managed in four days

Starfinder, the space-bound follow-up to fantasy RPG Pathfinder, has become the quickest-selling game for publisher Paizo in the company’s 15-year history.

Starfinder is a direct sequel to Pathfinder, albeit set thousands of years in the future following the mysterious disappearance of Golarion, the planet on which Pathfinder was set.

Released in 2009, Pathfinder itself became the top-selling RPG in the world in the middle of 2011, becoming the first game to overtake Dungeons & Dragons (on which it was based) since 1974.

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We hugely enjoyed our time with Starfinder, awarding the RPG our coveted Editor’s Choice badge and saying in our review: “In tightening Pathfinder’s gameplay, Starfinder improves in almost every way on the older game, while managing to successfully bring to life a universe with established history that also feels fresh and ready to be explored anew.”

Paizo said that Starfinder’s core rulebook had completely sold out in the first six hours following its release at Gen Con on August 17th, making it the fastest-selling product ever released by the company.

In that time, it also managed to shift more copies than any of Paizo’s games had managed to do over the entire four-day show in the past.

The physical game is currently sold out on Paizo’s website, although the publisher said it should be widely available again towards the end of October.


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