Patchwork creator Uwe Rosenberg’s next board game pits Robin Hood against himself

06 June 2019
robin-von-locksley-48336.jpg Robin von Locksley
Farming loot

Agricola, Patchwork and A Feast for Odin designer Uwe Rosenberg has revealed his next game – and once again, it’s about farming… loot!

Robin von Locksley’s gameplay shifts away from Rosenberg’s recent exploration of tile-laying in the likes of the Cottage Garden trilogy and A Feast for Odin’s careful arrangement of goods.

The ‘board’ consists of 25 loot tiles in a square, which two players’ competing Robins – why there are multiple Robin Hoods in this universe seems to be a moot point – move around, collecting treasure as they go. Sets of loot cards in the same colour can be sold to earn gold.

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The treasure, as you’ve probably guessed, belongs to the rich – in this case, Norman lords – and is being gathered as a way of freeing Richard the Lionheart, the brother of the evil King John imprisoned during the Crusades.

A track of objectives surrounds the board, with each tile presenting a different goal – completing the goal means being able to advance on the track, but steps can also be skipped by spending gold. The first to complete a lap wins.

Playing in half an hour to 45 minutes and with a fixed player count of two, Robin von Locksley seems to veer closer to the complexity and speed of Patchwork – here’s hoping it’s just as good when it’s released later this year.


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