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Looking for something new, weird and indie? We’ve got you covered

Zinequest is the yearly game zine creating event on Kickstarter that works as a hotbed of cool new roleplaying game ideas. It’s a great place to pick up your next setting, one shot, or the game you’re going to play for the rest of your life.


Did you know the other cool way to get into indie RPGs? The Tabletop Gaming Indie RPG Book Club, that’s how. Check it out over here.



1 Golf Quest

By Anna Blackwell

A comedy dexterity roleplaying game about golfing through a fantasy world? If golf is a way to ruin a good walk, we’ve got no idea what it’s going to do to RPGs. (It will be good!)


2 The Electrum Archive Issue 2

The second issue of a zine exploring the world of Orn. Magic, aliens and an ink that is also a currency and the fuel for casting spells.


3 Horse Girl

By Leyline Press

So, you’re a girl. But, what, get this, if you transformed yourself into a horse using horrifying surgical techniques? A solo journaling RPG using the Wretched and Alone system. It looks bonkers and might be art.


4 Dinocar

By Dinoberry Press

A paint-along RPG about dinosaurs driving cars. It’s a mapping game that allows you to go on a road trip with a triceratops.


5 Hive of the Crawling Creeps

A system neutral body horror adventure focused on creeps, fleshy insects that eat people.



6 Daggers and Ditches and Dangerous Things

By The Sealed Library

A super tiny RPG about going on wild adventures you probably won't come back from.


7 Old School & Cool Vol.4: The Undead Issue

A tome of un/dead things for Old School Essentials that looks ghoulishly good.



8 The Sins of Eden Prime

By Molgannard

A gothic horror sandbox for Mothership set on a generation ship of a religious sect. What could possibly go wrong?



9 Blasting Off Again!

A Team Rocket (of Pokémon infamy) inspired zine where you play the grunts trying to stop whatever those kids are up to.



10 Earth to Jupiter

By Pidj Sorensen

A solo epistolary roleplaying game between two people holed up during a galactic apocalypse.


11 Hit The Road Jack

A solo or two player journaling roleplaying game of cat and mouse between a criminal and a law man.



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12 Odd Gobs

By Madness Heart Games

Goblins and capitalism clash in this gig-econcmy cyberpunk game. A standalone system and a tiny footprint of a map, rules and chaos tables.



13 Bio-Drones & Cryo-Clones

By ChrisAir Games

Biopunk facility crawl for mothership with a focus on mad scientist and mutations.


14 Crit 1: A Zine of Epic Fails

A disastrous collection of fantasy & RPG comics, art, and short stories.


15 Traysikel – Ride of Die!

A system agnostic one shot adventureset in a fictional version of the Philippines.


16 Wraithlands

A dark fantasy ttprg where you can play ‘f’d up little guys’. A rules light system and at about 150 pages make this one of the biggest books in Zinequest this year.


17 On the Way to Chrysopoeia

An epistolary RPG for two alchemists.


18 Dreamlike

Solo and one-on-one play for creating dreamlike stories. A fast dice system is promised, and tarot cards can be backed as part of the project.


19 Warped Beyond Recognition

Another Mothership adventure module that sends your players off into a research vessel, where there has been some dubious science carried out.


20 Nightfright

By Alexei Vella

A GMless map-making TTRPG about a group of children at a sleepover who wake up and discover all the doors, windows and adults in the house have disappeared. If you’re a fan of the recent horror hit Skinamarink – this is your best chance to live through it.



In a land of broken solider attempting to get home after the end of the world. Your god is dead, and you and your fellow soldiers are trying to get home.



A sandbox of mutated animals and weird goings on for the Liminal Horror RPG.


23 The Bastardized Classics

Bastards is a super light ‘dragon game’ that we love, so this reworking of classic modules from the other dragon game for the simplified system looks to be a winner.



A ‘Chiptuned’ (i.e. dance music made on Gameboys) aesthetic drives this game of robots doing stuff in a medieval world.


25 Hiria: The Eternal City

A solo journaling RPG in which players travel through different manifestations of the same city tracking down their prey.


Have we missed something? Drop a comment below, and remember to check out The Tabletop Gaming Indie RPG Book Club, that’s how.


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