Osprey’s next skirmish miniatures title, Scrappers, will be out in April

27 February 2017
16830726_1022072117923300_2965881151496904244_n-55203.jpg Scrappers
Post-apocalyptic wargame designed by creator of Brink of Battle: Skirmish Gaming Through the Ages

Osprey Games has unveiled its next big skirmish miniatures release, confirming that the game will be out in time for Salute.

Scrappers is a post-apocalyptic wargame set 150 years after the near-destruction of Earth.

Players form Scrapper crews and use them to explore the wasteland, encountering rival factions, mutants, synthetics, uncovering ancient technology and attempting to survive in the radiated landscape.

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Designers Robert A. Faust and Andrew N. Davies previously worked on Faust’s Brink of Battle: Skirmish Gaming Through the Ages together, including the co-authored supplement Epic Heroes: Skirmish Gaming in the Realms of Fantasy.

The Scrappers core rulebook will be out on April 20th, with a 152-page hardback edition costing £20.


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