One Week Ultimate Werewolf takes the social deduction hit to the castle of Mad King Ludwig

08 May 2018
pic4119483-94015.jpg One Week Ultimate Werewolf
Unique rooms give players switchable powers

Ultimate Werewolf is getting an unexpected crossover with Castles of Mad King Ludwig.

One Week Ultimate Werewolf mixes the hunt for a hidden pack of lycanthropes with the tile-laying castle-building hit. Both games were created by Ted Alspach, who is being joined by One Night Werewolf designer Akihisa Okui for this latest instalment in the long-running social deduction series.

In One Week Ultimate Werewolf, players explore the castle of King Ludwig, with each room – there are more than a dozen different rooms in the box – providing a special power that helps the adventurers sniff out the werewolf among them, much like the villager roles in past Ultimate Werewolf games.

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This time, the roles can be viewed and switched between players before they vote, deciding who among the group doesn’t belong. Werewolves must avoid detection, villagers must avoid false suspicion and the tanner is actively trying to be caught.

Like One Night Ultimate Werewolf, the aim is to work out players’ roles before the end of each playthrough, which wraps up in around 45 minutes compared to the 10-minute runtimes of the One Night titles.

The game plays with between three and seven people, with three members of Ludwig’s staff also moving around the castle and given secret roles, to make things just that little bit trickier.

One Week Ultimate Werewolf is due to launch on Kickstarter next Monday, May 14th, where you’ll be able to grab the game with some components (including extra rooms) exclusive to the crowdfunding campaign. That’ll be followed by a release this October, following Ultimate Werewolf Legacy's launch during the summer.


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