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30 March 2017
09ttgIssue9_web-49733.jpg Tabletop Gaming issue 9
Dark Souls, UK Games Expo, Guild Ball vs Blood Bowl, The Secret Board Game Maker, Warlord Games, Mech vs Minions review and much, much more

Move aside Gloomhaven, because the biggest board game launch of the year so far is here; that’s right, Tabletop Gaming issue 9 is just one week away from release! You can pre-order your copy or subscribe right now to make sure you get your magazine in time for release.

We’ve got another cracker of a magazine for you in April, kicking off with our massive Dark Souls: The Board Game cover feature, where we talk exclusively to publisher Steamforged Games about turning the acclaimed video game series into one of Kickstarter’s biggest success stories as its ambitious tabletop adaptation makes its debut.

We’ve also got a bumper preview of the nation’s top tabletop show, UK Games Expo, rounding up all of the games you shouldn’t miss at the convention in early June.

You’ll have the chance to join us as we take a tour inside Panda, the Secret Board Game Maker behind some of the biggest tabletop hits of the last decade, including Pandemic, Scythe, Terra Mystica, Mechs vs Minions and more.

If you’re into tabletop sports, we’ve got just the thing for you – a showdown that will see genre newcomer Guild Ball take on veteran Blood Bowl in the ultimate battle to crown the king of fantasy football miniatures games.

If you’re more of a pop culture fan, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered, too. That’s because we have an exclusive chat with miniatures maker Warlord Games, discussing its upcoming tabletop takes on British pop culture icons Doctor Who and comic book home of Judge Dredd, 2000 AD.

As board games continue to thrive on Kickstarter, we chat to the crowdfunding platform and some of the creators that have used it to turn their ideas into million-dollar realities to discover how board games conquered the webste.

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Meanwhile, we talk to Restoration Games, the publisher started by Justin Jacobson and Pandemic Legacy co-creator Rob Daviau to resurrect some of the tabletop’s lost treasures from decades past.

Speaking of decades, we have a chat with designer Nicola Iannone about Medioevo Universalis, his debut board game that has taken three decades to make.

Elsewhere, we have exclusive interviews with The Resistance and Avalon creator Don Eskridge about his new game Abandon Planet and party game publisher Big Potato, prolific designer Reiner Knizia looks back on the very first of his 600+ published games (Digging, if you’re wondering), Martin Wallace explains why Terra Mystica is his favourite game and we choose ten of the best short-time games to play in under 20 minutes.

There’s also the usual selection of interviews, guides and features you’ve come to love, including a Star Wars: Rebellion painting guide, a look at 1984 Spiel des Jahres winner Railway Rivals in our continuing series, a dive into the making of seminal Lovecraftian RPG Call of Cthulhu and the next in our ongoing Dungeon Master’s Guide to RPGs tips column.

Phew! Oh, and did we mention the dozens of reviews of the latest and greatest games? This issue we give our opinion on Mechs vs Minions, Aeon’s End, Doom, the My Little Pony RPG Tails of Equestria, Jump Drive, Power Grid: The Card Game, Cottage Garden, Bloodborne: The Card Game, UK subscription box Board Game Crate and more, plus looks at the latest accessories and books from the world of tabletop.

If that’s tickled your fancy, don’t delay – pre-order your copy of Tabletop Gaming issue 9 in print or digital or sign up for a print or digital subscription now!


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