New Star Wars: Unlimited Set Details Confirmed – Shadows of the Galaxy

03 April 2024
We've excitedly opened Spark of Rebellion over the past month or so, but Star Wars: Unlimited has promised us more from the start. Now, we've got more details on the newer set, taking us to the Outer Rim with characters like the Mandalorian, and Grogu (baby Yoda).

Star Wars: Unlimited launched with a bang, a brand new trading card game taking the best from the world of Star Wars and making it a quick combat game played over two separate arenas of ground and space. The first set, Spark of Rebellion, saw classic characters like Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader, alongside popular other favourites from the original trilogy, such as Boba Fett. Players have been encouraged to build their decks around leaders, in order to best protect their base whilst simultaneously damaging the base of their opponent. With over 250 cards being brought to the new set, there's plenty to see...

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New Star Wars Unlimited Set

Shadows of the Galaxy takes us to the uncharted outer rim, bringing in new Bounty Hunters – and with it, a new Bounty mechanic, one of three new mechanics being introduced.  

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New Mechanics in Shadows of the Galaxy

The aforementioned "Bounty" mechanic is added to a card, and doing so allows the attached unit to gain bounty, which allows you to ready two friendly units, but when it is defeated or captured, its opponent collects its bounty. The "Wanted" card it is demonstrated on has no cost, making it an interesting strategic opportunity – so long as it doesn't backfire. The other mechanics have not yet been detailed. 

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Who's in the new Star Wars: Unlimited set?

Confirmed cards are as follows: 

  • Grogu: A unit card, highy anticipated that allows you to exhaust an enemies unit, and designed to mimic the draining power Grogu holds within the Mandalorian – though similarly holds no attack skills. 

  • The Mandalorian: A unit card that holds sentinel, and allows you to heal all damage from a unit costing 2 or less, and provide 2 shield tokens to it when played. At a cost of six, but with 5 attack and 6 defence, it's a bold card. 

  • The Mandalorian: This time a leader card. When you play an upgrade you can exhaust the leader, and if you do, you can exhaust a leader with 4 or less HP. You need 6 or more resources to use the epic action, and if you do, you have the in play opportunity to exhaust an enemy unit with 6 or less remaining HP when an upgrade is played. The already shown "Wanted" card at 0 cost as a new upgrade would be particularly useful at this time. 

  • Wanted: The aforementioned upgrade card, that allows you to gain Bounty. It is zero cost, and provides no additional bonuses. 

  • Moff GIdeon: The leader card that allows you to attach with a unit costing 3 or less as its action. If attacking a unit, it gets +1 to the attack. The epic action triggers from 5 resources, and in play he gains Overwhelm, and each friendly unit costing 3 or less gains this too when attacking an enemy unit, alongside +1 attack.

  • Phase III Dark Trooper: Though not shown, it's described as offering "intrigue and complexity"
  • Gideon's Light Cruiser: Same as above.

When is the new Star Wars Set releasing?

You can pre-order Shadows of the Galaxy in July 2024 at hobby stores, where preorders will be available. 


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