New Star Wars: Force and Destiny RPG sourcebook focuses on consular characters

16 January 2017
swf35_book_left-00424.png Disciples of Harmony
Disciples of Harmony introduces three specialisations, three species, extra Force powers and non-lethal equipment

Fantasy Flight has announced a new sourcebook for its Star Wars RPG Force and Destiny that significantly expands the consular character class.

Consulars were previously divided between three specialisations – healer, sage and Niman disciple – all focused on supporting combat-specced characters and providing more diplomatic resolutions to conflicts.

The Disciples of Harmony sourcebook introduces three new specialisations: arbiters, ascetics and teachers, suiting characters seeking retribution, inner strength and education, respectively.

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There’s also three new species with which to create characters: Arkanian, Cosian and Pau’an.

In addition to character traits, the book adds extra Force powers and equipment for consular characters to make use of, including melee and ranged weapons focused on non-lethal pacification – think concussive rifles, spray foam grenades and riot control batons.

For GMs, Disciples of Harmony provides guidelines for introducing consular mentors, as well as narrative advice tailored to expanding a campaign for groups with a consular companion.

Disciples of Harmony will be released for Star Wars: Force and Destiny in Q2 2017.


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