New RPG comic book Rolled & Told comes with playable adventures inside

20 June 2018
rolled-told-54130.jpg Rolled & Told
Lion Forge’s Quillion label will mix comics and tabletop games

Comic book publisher Lion Forge is mixing comics with roleplaying games in a new tabletop-themed series – and it sounds brilliant.

Rolled & Told is the first comic book out of Lion Forge’s new Quillion imprint, which will focus on combining tabletop games and comic books.

The monthly comic will include comics inspired by RPGs, but will also feature ready-to-play adventures for players to try for themselves. At least one original playable scenario will be included in each issue, alongside a comic tying into that storyline and showing one possible outcome for its adventurers.

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Between seven and 20 writers and artists will work on each issue, with Lion Forge promising that the series will continue its strong focus on promoting cultural inclusivity and diversity, exemplified by its Catalyst series of superhero comics.

Rolled & Told will be launched with a free #0 issue at Comic Con next month, which features the mini-adventure Thunderlock Barcrawl, a sporting challenge set in the dungeon of a Yawning Portal-like fantasy tavern. The first full issue of the comic book will then be released in September.

"For me, Rolled & Told is the best thing I never knew I was missing until I saw it put together in all its magnificent glory," said E.L. Thomas, Lion Forge’s lead game designer. "It feels both familiar and groundbreaking at the same time.

"For an old-school game master like myself, it’s a privilege to work with such talented people and an honour to be part of what is surely going to be a staple on many a game table for years to come."


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