Neuroshima Hex and Cry Havoc co-creator announces new minis game The Edge: Dawnfall

25 October 2016
Untitled-15519.png The Faceless are one of the six factions available
Michał Oracz’s title combines miniatures combat on one board with legacy-style mechanics on another

Michał Oracz, the designer behind Cry Havoc, Neuroshima Hex and the War of Mine board game, has announced an ambitious new project.

The Edge: Dawnfall is a board game featuring some incredible-looking miniatures, which traverse a game board designed using a hexagonal movement and combat system, with the hexagonal bases of the figures able to occupy the different sectors of the map and push opponents out of certain locations.

Up to four players can take control of the game’s six factions, which include miniatures up to 9cm tall.

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The factions face off in various story scenarios with unique win conditions, which contribute to an ongoing campaign. The outcome of battles affect the overarching narrative and world setting with legacy-style consequences, with stickers applied to locations and attributes on a separate economic/political map of the world to permanently change aspects of the gameplay.

Combat is bolstered by the use of skill cards, with the acquisition of game-winning VP seemingly helping to balance the factions’ asymmetrical nature.

The Edge’s story will also be expanded in a series of tie-in comic books announced alongside the game’s Kickstarter, which has already raised over £150,000 of its £40,000 target in around a day.

£45 nets a single faction box, with £85 buying a conflict box featuring two opposing races – specific match-ups are required to complete specific story missions.


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