Mythological dice customisation game Dice Forge is getting an expansion

20 April 2018
91D0jvrlRhL._SL1500_-97174.jpg Dice Forge
Studio teases artwork for untitled add-on

Dice Forge, the mythological dice-rolling game with customisable cubes, has an expansion in the works.

Released in the middle of last year, Dice Forge combined its theme of Greek gods with dice that could have their faces popped off to upgrade them, Rattlesbones-style.

We really enjoyed our time with the game, finding it to be a light and breezy but hugely fun time, with just enough depth to keep its physical gimmick grounded.

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That depth will hopefully be expanded with an upcoming add-on for the game teased by French publisher Libellud.

There’s not much to go on from Libellud’s tweet announcing, “We’re working on Dice Forge”, except a single piece of artwork showing some plant creatures, a massive storm monster and a bear made of stars in the sky.

The studio all but confirmed that the image was indeed teasing an expansion in its replies to fans – hopefully we’ll find out more concrete details soon.


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