Mysterium’s next expansion will bring more Secrets & Lies to the murder mystery hit

10 February 2017
jK2dxkr-96603.png Mysterium: Secrets & Lies artwork
Add-on will introduce new 'story cards', publisher Libellud reveals

Mysterium, the ‘Cluedo in reverse’ game that sees a group of psychic players decoding the visions of a murdered ghost to solve the mystery of their demise, is getting another expansion.

Publisher Libellud revealed the name and artwork for Mysterium: Secrets & Lies on its Instagram account, adding that the new box will be fully unveiled at the International Game Fair in Cannes at the end of February.

Details are scant on what the add-on will bring to the game, which saw its first expansion, Hidden Signs, released last year.

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Responding to one commenter enquiring about potential changes to gameplay, Libellud hinted that Secrets & Lies may introduce a new mechanic involving ‘story cards’, which offer additional clues to the clairvoyants trying to uncover the murder mystery – or it could simply mean that extra standard picture cards will be included.

“We add story cards, strange scene the ghost see when he was alive and which could explain why he was killed,” the publisher replied.

Either way, we’ll find out more at the end of the month – unless we have a helpful vision first.


Soon at Cannes fair! #boardgame #mysterium #art

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