Mobile versions of Mysterium and Potion Explosion delayed to January

12 December 2016
Ghost-assigns-cards-88019.jpg Mysterium's mobile version
Both Asmodee Digital games originally scheduled for release this month

Bad news if you were hoping to indulge in a bit of virtual board gaming on your shiny new tablet this Christmas – two of this month’s biggest digital releases have been pushed back to the New Year.

Asmodee Digital has postponed the release of competitive spell-brewing marble set collection title Potion Explosion and co-operative psychic deduction game Mysterium on iOS and Android.

The last-minute delay could be down to the recent rocky launch of another tabletop hit, Colt Express, on mobile and PC, with players reporting various problems with the game’s multiplayer.

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Asmodee has since assured that it will iron out the issues with the game and safeguard against similar issues in Mysterium and Potion Explosion before putting them out to the public.

A specific date in January hasn’t been confirmed, but you should hope to see both games arrive on your portable screens sooner rather than later.


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