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11 October 2019
Find out whats inside this months issue..

Issue 439 of Miniature Wargames is almost with us. What do we have for the readers? 

On the cover we have Perilous Dark: a unique scenario for Frostgrave by Joe MacCullough (which is also reviewed in Defence in Depth).

In Black Seas there’s  an introduction to the world of sail and the exciting new rules by Warlord Games.

There’s a pull-out and assemble, pre-printed mausoleum! This comes in two styles and – again – you can enhance your table top without even getting your brushes wet!

We have Kill Team: The Great War. This is an adaptation of the popular GW rule system to the trenches of WWI.

Otumba is this month’s  Command Decision: The conundrum is set in The Aztec Empire in 1520.

We have part one of an ACW Kriegspiel scenario in Send Three and Four Pence.

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Night of The Scarecrows: features Horror wargaming with a scenario and painting guide.

The Editor made trips to TTG Live and Colours shows and covers both events with lots of photos!

The Club spotlight features the Abingdon Wargames Club. and in our Scratch Building section we show you how to make your own fleece wargames mat on the cheap! And we even give you a peek as to what’s going to be in issue 440.

Finally, we have the new review sections – Quartermaster for accessories and Defence in Depth for Figures and rules, plus we still have Forward Observer for news plus Recce for a book reviews. 

Pick up your issue of Miniature Wargames November 2019 from most good newsagents or buy your copy directly from us here 


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