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13 December 2019
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Issue 441 of Miniature Wargames we have French Foreign Legion, Peninsular War, WWII, Age of Sigmar, Silent Death, Test of Honour and so much more!
On the cover we have the battle of Battle of the Nive:  a Black Powder battle from the Peninsular War.

In Jon Sutherland’s Command Decision it’s Isandlwana from the Zulu perspective. The question is, can you beat Chelmsford?

In The Bridge at Kronstadt the Editor refights a classic Table Top Teaser in 15mm and the 27th century with Henry Hyde. And – to help with that – you might try Chocks Away! We have some self assembly 15mm Hangers free in the magazine that’d fit right in: yes there’s some more card models to assemble!

If you want historical scenarios, we have loads: in Send Three and Fourpence, Conrad Kinch presents All for the glory of France! a The Men who would be

Kings scenario (with more to come next month!). In Test of Honour we have Vital Supplies: three exclusive scenarios for that rule set. And in Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing we have an undercover Bolt Action scenario.

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In Silent Death rules author Joe McCullough tells us why he thinks that this space combat classic is very much alive three decades after its creation!

In Blood in the Shires The Editor enters the Age of Sigmar and In the Zone, man! is a hands on with Osprey’s new Blue Book.

If you want to scratch build with Gordon’s Crashed!  we show you how to finish the terrain for a retro Space ship from an ikea table!

Club Spotlight features the Sheffield Wargames Club.

Finally, we have the new review sections – Quartermaster for accessories and Defence in Depth for Figures and rules, plus we still have Forward Observer for news plus Recce for a book reviews. 

Lastly we have a Salute to Stuart Asquith.


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