Miniature Wargames - December 2019 issue is on sale today!

08 November 2019
Find out whats inside this months issue..

Issue 440 of Miniature Wargames is almost with us. What do we have for the readers? 
On the cover we have the battle of Dove Creek: a Texicana scenario for Black Powder that can be flexed into other US periods. And to help with that there’s some self assembly Wild West Real Estate card models to assemble!

In Command Decision you are Kesselring in Italy in ’43. The question is: can you beat back the US? 

We have the concluding part of an ACW Kriegspiel scenario in Send Three and Four Pence and in Frost And Fear there is a Northern Alliance versus Nightalker battle report for Kings of War’s new 3rd Edition.

In Dark Side of the Moon we have Quick play SF with Lunar Skirmish rules and a scenery build.

While we are talking scenarios, Kill The Rabbit enables you to play the new ACP164 skirmish system (based on Buck Surdo’s card-based WWII ‘Combat Patrol’ rules) with an intro scenario. And if that wasn’t enough scenarios, 
with Ragna-Rock The World we have an exclusive scenario for Ragnarok: Heavy Metal Combat in the Viking Age!

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If you want to scratch build with Gordon’s Alive we show you how to create a Classic Pulp Fiction Space ship from household items.

Club Spotlight features the Black Wolf Wargames Club.

In Last word, Warlord’s John Stallard speaks on today’s hobby.

The Editor made trips to SELWG and Skirmish shows and covers both events with lots of photos!

Finally, we have the new review sections – Quartermaster for accessories and Defence in Depth for Figures and rules, plus we still have Forward Observer for news plus Recce for a book reviews. 


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