Men at Work is the next wooden wonder from Flick ‘em Up and Junk Art makers

21 September 2018
men-at-work-70915.jpg Men at Work
Put your money Down Under

Flick ‘em Up and Junk Art studio Pretzel Games has revealed its fourth game – and, surprising nobody, it’ll include a beautiful box of wooden pieces to play with.

Men at Work is sadly not a board game based on the ‘80s Australian band best known for catchy kitsch hit Down Under, but instead a construction challenge involving a growing tower built by players in accordance with a series of instruction cards.

The cards specify where each ‘steel’ girder, beam and hard-hatted meeple must be placed in order to avoid accidents – in other words, the rickety construction tumbling down – and impress Rita, the boss looking to pin the Employee of the Month on one of the players.

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Like Junk Art, the box will come with various different ways to play, featuring three distinct game modules.

Men at Work has been created by debuting designer Rita Modl – who cameos as the construction site's overseer – and will launch at Essen in late October before finding its way into shops “shortly after”, according to Pretzel.

The publisher has also revealed updated editions of both Junk Art and the original Flick ‘em Up, with custom box inserts to hold the wooden pieces but a lower price tag, both of which will release alongside Men at Work.

However, no new version was announced for last year's crossover Flick ‘em Up: Dead of Winter, which launched with fully plastic pieces and was confirmed by Pretzel to have no wooden alternative planned.


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