Mausritter Available from Games Omnivorous

11 November 2020
The new mouseketeer!

Mausritter is now available in print, a game from Games Omnivorous, where you'll take up a sword and don the whiskers of a brave mouse adventurer. It's a rules-light, fantasy adventure roleplaying game, build on the chassis of Into the Odd, written and illustrated by Isaac Williams.

"It’s a huge and dangerous world out there, and it does not look kindly on a small mouse. But if you are very brave and very clever and just a bit lucky, you might survive. And if you survive long enough, you might even become a hero amongst mice."

It was previously (and remains) available at name-your-own-price on Itchio, but now you're able to pick up a physical copy from Games Omnivorous themselves. It constitutes a 44 page, hard-cover (with mouse hole) on high-quality paper and print. 

Within, you'll find fast and straightforward rules for building your character, so you can get started as soon as possible. There's a physical card-based inventory system, so bookkeeping is minimal (whilst it tells us hard choices are maximal!), plus a magic system built of 15 spells for you to find and cast. Add to that a toolbox of resources to create mouse-scale sandbox adventures, and you're away becoming the mouse bards sing about in no time at all. 

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The standard version costs €20 and can be purchased from the Games Omnivorous site

There is also the option of a boxed set, which includes the above, plus a GM screen, adventure module called Honey in the Rafters, a set of inventory cards and dry erase markers and a pad of character sheets. These are €50 to purchase, can be purchased from the Games Omnivorous site, and has a limited run of 500 copies, so you'll need to pick yours up ASAP if this is the version that catches your eye.

Back in Issue 43 of Tabletop Gaming Magazine we spoke with Games Omnivorous all about their minimalist RPG adventures, and you can grab your copy of the magazine to check that out!


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