Love Letter is now owned by Pandemic and Carcassonne studio Z-Man

09 May 2018
ll_colleciton-68258.png Love Letter and Lovecraft Letter
Seiji Kanai’s quick-playing card game being reprinted

Pandemic, Carcassonne and Terra Mystica outlet Z-Man Games has acquired the rights to Love Letter.

Seiji Kanai’s ultra-fast card game was originally released back in 2012 by AEG, and has since been spun off into countless variations, including Batman, Star Wars and the Cthulhu-themed Lovecraft Letter, which evolved the gameplay further with a fun insanity mechanic – even if its box was a little big.

Z-Man has confirmed that it will reprint current versions of Love Letter, including the princess-courting original and its premium edition, a fancier set that added bigger cards, wooden heart tokens, new cards and support for up to eight players.

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There might also be the suggestion of future instalments in the series, with Z-Man studio head Steve Kimball saying as part of the announcement: “I'm excited to work closely with Seiji Kanai to help Love Letter reach new audiences and realise its full potential.”

Pandemic Legacy: Love Letter, anyone?


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