Lord of the Rings RPGs The One Ring and Adventures in Middle-earth are headed to Moria

29 November 2017
AME-PG-Cover-1000px-21312.jpg Adventures in Middle-earth
Upcoming box set is first simultaneous release for both games

The One Ring RPG and Adventures in Middle-earth, Cubicle 7’s pair of roleplaying games set in the world of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings, are going underground with a new joint expansion based on the dwarven dungeons of Moria.

‘Moria’ is the first release set to come to both games at the same time, arriving with support for both the original standalone The One Ring RPG and Adventures in Middle-earth, which is used as a setting with Dungeons & Dragons’ fifth edition ruleset. Cubicle 7 previously adapted existing One Ring supplements for Adventures in Middle-earth.

The expansion has been written by Paranoia, RuneQuest and GUMSHOE writer Gareth Ryder Hanrahan alongside The One Ring lead designer Francesco Nepitello, who also co-designed epic Lord of the Rings board game War of the Ring.

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“This is the first product Cubicle 7 has ever made for both games simultaneously,” a Cubicle 7 source told us. “There was great concern when we launched the fifth Edition rules as Adventures in Middle-earth that we were abandoning The One Ring - nothing could be further from the truth, and The One Ring is still going strong for us. Adventures in Middle-earth has done great things for us, and for The One Ring!

“We do understand it can be hard to get a group to play a new ruleset, so we see Adventures in Middle-Earth as a gateway to our work that is that little bit easier to get into. But we’ve invested so much blood, sweat and tears into The One Ring that it isn’t going away!”

Moria is due out for The One Ring RPG and Adventures in Middle-earth as a ‘deluxe box set’ in 2018.


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