Kodama 3D takes the forest-growing game into tree dimensions

22 May 2019
kodama-3d-20374.jpg Kodama 3D
Branching out

Kodama: The Tree Spirits is branching out with a 3D version of the tree-growing card game.

Kodama 3D swaps the flat arrangement of overlapping branch cards for tiles that slot through each other to create an actual three-dimensional tree.

Daniel Solis’ original ‘I pick, you choose’ card-drafting gameplay has been evolved by Bosk co-designers Daryl Andrews and Erica Bouyouris, with player’s kodama now moving around a grid of stacked tiles to collect branches for their tree.

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Goal cards offer objectives for players to complete and earn points, with the game ending after everyone has balanced 12 branches on their stump.

As well as playing with up to four people, Kodama 3D comes with a single-player solo mode based around a high score challenge.

The standalone game follows last year’s Kodama Duo, a standalone two-player-only spin-off and expansion for The Tree Spirits that similarly tweaked the way players collect cards. 

Kodama 3D is up on Kickstarter now, where it’s already passed its £8,000 goal. The game will be released this November.


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