Kingdomino’s first expansion will enter the Age of Giants

07 December 2017
Kingdomino-cover-70674.jpg Kingdomino: Age of Giants
Spiel des Jahres winner gaining royal challenges and support for fifth player

The first expansion for this year’s winner of the Spiel des Jahres ‘Game of the Year’ prize, Kingdomino, promises to be a giant add-on.

We’re talking literally, as the upcoming set is called Age of Giants and brings a crowd of the towering mythological beings to the charming fantasy tile-layer.

Giants will be able to crush players’ buildings as they stomp around, but can also be controlled somewhat in order to guide them over to a rival territory.

As well as giants, Age of Giants will introduce new royal challenges that offer extra ways to rack up victory points.

Outside of gameplay changes, Age of Giants also comes with a tile dispenser tower – something that’s previously been offered as a separate promo accessory – and enough components to add a fifth player to the mix.

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There are no details yet on whether Age of Giants will also be compatible with standalone spin-off Queendomino, which deepened Kingdomino’s tile-laying with the ability to construct buildings – although given the mention of giants squishing structures, it wouldn’t be all that surprising.

Queendomino itself served as a sort-of expansion for Kingdomino, allowing the original game to be played with bigger grids or up to six players.

Kingdomino: Age of Giants is due for release sometime in 2018.


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