Kill Doctor Lucky takes its bloodthirsty Cluedo parody abroad to The Island of Doctor Lucky

16 April 2018
doc-lucky-84033.jpg The Island of Doctor Lucky
Wannabe killers must deal with hazards and a pet panther

Kill Doctor Lucky, the classic inverted parody of Cluedo where players are racing to commit – rather than solve – murder, is jetting off on holiday.

The Island of Doctor Lucky is a standalone follow-up to James Ernest’s comic ‘90s creation, set on the unfortunate doctor’s tropical getaway of Isla Fortuna.

The basic setup is the same: up to eight players must try and collect weapons and discover opportunities to make attempts on the doc’s life without being seen, while throwing a blood-splattered wrench into their fellow assassins’ plans.

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New for The Island of Doctor Lucky are hazard cards, which can be used from anywhere on the map but won’t quite eliminate Lucky – instead, they give their user a speed boost for the rest of the game. The traps can also be thrown at other players to get in their way, ranging from a fire pit to hammerhead crabs. Meanwhile, Lucky’s pet cat has been replaced by a panther, which will distract players and stop them from seeing out of their space.

The game borrows a few mechanics from spooky Kill Doctor Lucky expansion Doctor Lucky’s Mansion That is Haunted, most significantly the revision of line-of-sight rules to allow players to move to any visible space. In The Island of Doctor Lucky, this lets them move between regions on Fortuna.

The Island of Doctor Lucky is due out at retail this August, just in time for you to spend your own holiday checking over your shoulder.


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