Kid-friendly delight Ticket to Ride: First Journey steams onto mobile and PC

02 October 2017
ss_c7eee5ada19ae8734693e99be0d86d522dfcbbfe.1920x1080-35722.jpg Ticket to Ride: First Journey
Simplified version of Alan R. Moon’s hit includes US and European maps

Among Ticket to Ride’s many, many spin-offs is First Journey, a delightfully cute version of Alan R. Moon’s classic train-laying hit designed as an easy-going introduction to the gameplay for younger players.

Now, kids can try out First Journey on mobile and PC, as the digital edition of the game has released on iOS, Android and Steam.

First Journey includes simplified versions of Ticket to Ride’s US and Europe maps, with players working to claim routes and connect pairs of cities as in the original.

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The gameplay has been made a bit easier than normal Ticket to Ride, most notably in the push-your-luck role of destination cards – instead of players being able to opt to draw an extra route card and lose points at the end of the game for those left unfinished, First Journey simply hands a victory to the first player able to complete six routes, with a new route replacing any completed cards during the game.

First Journey’s digital version includes solo play against AI, as well as pass-and-play multiplayer with up to three other humans.

Playing unlocks in-game rewards, including a collection of city pictures. There’s also the usual virtual benefits of fancy animations and 3D icons.

First Journey can be had for £3 on iOS, £4 on PC and £2 on Android.


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