Jetpack Joyride flies across from phones to a board game

29 May 2018
pic4131942-91076.png Jetpack Joyride
From studio behind Fruit Ninja trilogy

The studio working on a trilogy of games based on Fruit Ninja has announced the next mobile gaming sensation it plans to bring to the tabletop.

Jetpack Joyride was originally created by Fruit Ninja developer Halfbrick and released for iOS back in 2011, before making the leap to Android, Playstation and various other digital platforms.

A fast-paced side-scrolling runner game, it involves players tapping on the screen to navigate hovering hero Barry Steakfries through increasingly tough obstacles whizzing toward him, not unlike the classic helicopter game.

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Luck Duck Games’ physical take on the hit app will keep up the momentum with a real-time board game that sees up to four players snatching pentominoes from a shared pool and placing them down to steer around hazards and traps.

Along the way, they’ll collect coins and complete mission cards to earn points, gaining helpful gadgets as they play over three rounds. The highest score at the end, wins.

Although the game is played in real time, its developers insist that it’s not going to be quite as hectic as the mobile original, with more of a focus on the puzzle aspects and race against your fellow humans.

Jetpack Joyride is flying over to Kickstarter on July 10th and, if it avoids all the obstacles on the crowdfunding site, will be out at some point next year.


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