Issue 435 July 2019 of Miniature Wargames is almost with us.

09 June 2019
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What do we have for readers this month?
Issue 435 July 2019 of Miniature Wargames is almost with us. Images

In the July issue of Miniature Wargames we have a Cruel Seas cover feature which includes a free Vosper MTB or S-Boat (worth £6 each!) with a new ‘just after D-Day’ scenario for them.

Also on the cover is Prepare For War! The new Conquest rules which are bringing grimdark to the world of fantasy.

Keeping the D-Day theme going we have a 28mm scenario Spreading the Ham and Jam right to the edges for Ultracombat Normandy. But in  Slightly Unbalanced we move the WWII theme to the Western Desert with the British and Italians.

In The Great Expedition we look at the background to Drake’s sixteenth century raids in the New World in part one. Next month, in part two, we conclude with rules and scenarios.

In Send Three and Fourpence we cover  Solo and cooperative wargaming and in Command Decision we have a crusades conundrum.

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Compare & Contrast:  Tries out Games Workshop’s new Citadel Contrast Paints.

There’s a report on the Partizan show; the Wargames Widow’s makes trees while James Winspear builds a Fantasy House!

There’s All the usual news and reviews. For reviews we have Fantasy Facts: with the usual look at the latest products in F&SF gaming we have Modiphius; Deep Cut Studio; Antediluvian Miniatures and more! And there’s Forward Observer with (mostly) historical wargaming product reports on Warlord; Brigade Models; Caliver Books; and more! 

Finally we have Recce for a 13 book reviews. And the free Club Directory!


On sale 14 June from all good newsagents or pre-order your copy of Miniature Wargames July 2019 here


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