Issue 405 heading your way

15 December 2016
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Issue number 405 is imminent – it should be with you before the festivities. What’s in this issue?
Issue 405 heading your way Images

Issue number 405 is imminent – it should be with you before the festivities. What’s in this issue?


Featuring a shot of a very nice German Flak gun from the Huntingdon & District Wargames club game at the Warfare at Reading show plus some Weird WW2 stuff from Achtung! Cthulhu.


What’s up and coming in (mostly) historical wargaming. This month we cover new rules (Swordpoint and The Pikeman’s Lament), wargaming holidays and terrain mats along with other items including a list of up and coming shows.


Beating the Mechanical Turk. Solo wargaming using The Men Who Would be Kings. Conrad Kinch gives us a scenario for this new rule set to enable solo play in Afghanistan, based on the mechanics already in the rules with a few twists of his own.


Andy Copestake, away from the Glory. Andy – main man at Old Glory UK – talks about his appreciation of the hobby and walks us through both his thoughts and his collection.


Easy rules for small English Civil War battles. Arthur Harman gives us a simple – yet complete - set of Pike and Shot rules for the table top in any scale which he has used with his Year VI pupils who were studying the English Civil War.


The second of a two-part article exploring the advantages of grids and hexes in gaming: four rule sets are meshed up! David Burden completes the piece he started last month with part two of gaming without a ruler - how to get on grid and on message with out expanding metal tape measures!


This month (and with a change of name) we have several sections in the non-historical portion: 

Fantasy Facts with the monthly round up of what’s new in non-historical gaming with reviews on Mierce Miniatures, GZG, Gringo 40, Brigade, Antediluvian Miniatures and others; 

An interview with Chris Birch of Modiphius about where the company is going next plus an exclusive Achtung! Cthulhu scenario just for readers of the magazine!; 

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Another exclusive in the shape of a Frostgrave scenario by author Joe McCullough where he introduces a new Barbarian type: the Tainted;

A visit to Dragonmeet, the London show of all things in non-historical gaming. For the most part (I mean they did have the Airfix Battle set there in 1/32nd but…).


Scaling up the SAGA rules for bigger battles but dropping the figure size. Daniel Johnson takes us through the rationale of using the 28mm SAGA rules for bigger actions in 10mm with an explanation of why it works well for him and his group: bigger battles, lots of figures and multi-player games!


What to read and why for wargamers: lot’s of book reviews from across the wargaming spectrum by the Miniature Wargames team of crack reporters.


A trip around the show. Warfare has been a major feature of the southern UK wargaming circuit for many years and is one of few remaining, two-day shows. The article has lots of shots of some of the great games that were present over the weekend.


Going retro with old school fabrication. Modern scenery in games is all very well but this month Diane Sutherland goes old school with brick paper and foam core. 


The Crawley Wargames Club shows us how it’s done. An inspiring clarion call from Duncan Gosling at the Crawley club accompanied by lots of great shots of club games makes a good argument for moving to West Sussex and joining immediately!


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Issue 405 goes on sale on Friday 23rd December, just in time for Christmas.

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