In Memory of Satish Pillalamarri: Raising Funds for his Newborn's Scholarship

06 November 2020
Heartbreaking news

Recently, in a blog post, Northstar Games shared that co-president Satish Pillalamarri had lost his battle with cancer on October 8th 2020. He left behind his wife and family, including his a newborn baby.

In reverence to the impact he had on others lives, Northstar Games have launched a Go Fund Me Page, seeking to raise $75,000 for a scholarship for Om, his newborn son, to attend college when the time comes. 

At the time of writing, the total is a little over $60,000, a phenomenal response from the community in memory of a much loved figure. You can also donate should you wish, by clicking here.

Those who knew him well have left tributes, including Luke Warren, and another on the blog of the Northstar Games website. 

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Satish was involved in games such as Trivia Casino, Wits and Wagers, Say Anything, and Dude. 

The final game, Dude, is a fun game where you'll say Dude based on the way it appears on the card. You'll need to try to find as many matches as possible to your Dude. Northstar Games has designed a memorial sticker for the game itself, and also donated 1,000 copies of it towards the scholarship fund. That means all proceeds from the purchase of it will go into the fund, and you can get this version over on the Northstar Games Website




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