Iello delays Pyramids and Legend of the Wendigo after shipping mishap

07 February 2017
Wendigo_packshot3d_EN_web-(1)-72098.jpg Legend of the Wendigo
Release dates postponed by a week

Two of Iello’s upcoming games have had their release dates dropped back after the publisher was affected by a shipping delay.

According to the firm, the container transporting Legend of the Wendigo and Pyramids has been postponed by a week, pushing the titles’ release date back to February 23rd in brick-and-mortar retailers or March 9th via online stores.

Legend of the Wendigo is a 10-minute family social deduction game that sees players take on the role of Junior Chipmunk Scouts listening to their troop leader tell a scary tale about the titular monster.

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Loosely following the format of Werewolf, the aim is to unmask one scout each night – if they discover the Wendigo player disguised as one of the kids before time runs out, they win. Meanwhile, the Wendigo will steal a scout each round.

Pyramids is a slightly longer strategy title, taking half an hour to play with two to five players.

Players pray to the gods and build monuments such as pyramids, obelisks and tombs to honour them. Careful placement and using higher-quality stone is key to becoming the best-known builder in Egypt.

If either sounds up your street, keep your eyes peeled for the end of this month.


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