Here be Dagonites, With New from Otherworld Miniatures

21 August 2020
Plus a bonus extra one

Otherworld Miniatures produce some amazing fantasy-based miniatures (from the otherworlds - it's in the name!), which are hand-sculpted and cast in pewter of resin. The newest releases are variations of Dagonite and caught our eye, in its DM Series Dungeon Monsters.


These Dagonites are from Dr Holmes' short stories, and are a race of evil subterranean fisherman, in part inspired by Lovecraft's Deep Ones, plus Kuo-Toa by Gygax. Described as a labour of love, these miniatures are sculpted by Drew Day-Williams, and those in the images were painted by Andrew Taylor. Without further ado, let's take a look at the new additions!

Dagonite Fisherman Warriors

These guys are foul worshippers of the fish-god Dagon (explaining their name), and are part fish and part man, carrying an assortment of water-based weaponry. They stand between 28mm and 31mm tall, and cast in pewter, with 25mm round plastic slotta-bases. 


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Dagonite Fisherman Assassin

Meet the sneakiest of the bunch as the stealthy assassin. This guy is fanatically driven to slay the foes of their evil cult, and so wields a dagger. He's also shrouded in his cloak, and wears an unholy amulet of protection. He stands at 29mm tall, and is cast in pewter

Dagonite Fisherman Priest


And who is there to lead the charge for this evil cult? Well, the Fisherman Preist. In his toga and ornate headers, he also carries a magical staff and spiked mace. He's a little taller, at 31mm cast in pewter, with a 25 mm round plastic slotta-base. 



Okay, so it's not a Dagonite, but it does look cool. This, and others on the site, are well worth checking out. The Chimaera is part of its Wilderness encounters range, and of course is part goat, part lion, part dragon, has the wings of a giant bat, and "a rapacious appetite for human flesh". Assembly is required, as will come in 7 parts, and stands at 34 mm tall with a wingspan of 90mm and cast in pewter. The plastic round base is 50mm. 

You can find these and other otherworldly miniatures at Otherworld Miniatures. 


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