Green Party and UKIP voters most likely to cheat at games, study claims

11 May 2017
Cheetah_(Acinonyx_jubatus)_female_2-41890.jpg A cheetah, geddit. (Charles J Sharp, Sharp Photography via Wikimedia)
Liberal Democrats supporters beat out Tories, while those backing Labour are seemingly the most honest

Politicians are often accused of being dishonest, but a recent survey has turned the tables on voters, supposedly revealing the favourite political parties backed by cheaters.

The study of more than 2,000 people planning to vote in the upcoming UK general election was undertaken by public opinion analysis firm OnePulse, and claims that the Green Party is far and away the most cheater-filled party, with 80% of respondents planning to vote for the party admitting that they have cheated on a “test, game or person” in the past.

Second in the list was UKIP, with two-thirds of supporters confessing to their cheating sins.

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Not far behind were the 65% of Liberal Democrat backers who owned up to their deceit.

Interesting, the Conservatives and Labour placed fourth and fifth in the list with 63% and 61% of voters, respectively, saying they had cheated in the past.

Of course, take the results with a shaker of salt, as even 2,000 people barely a fraction of the nearly 31 million people that voted in the last general election.

Plus, it may be that Green Party and UKIP voters are actually the most honest out of those interviewed – after all, every good cheater knows you never admit your own devious ways. 


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