Gotham City Chronicles, the Batman board game from the creators of Conan, has already made £1.3m on Kickstarter

28 February 2018
85610ea0637794afc3469b2a431514b4_original-87021.png Batman: Gotham City Chronicles
One-versus-many take on superhero exclusive to the crowdfunding platform

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles, the long-awaited take on the comic-book superhero from the team behind hack ‘n’ slash hit Conan, has finally landed on Kickstarter.

Based on the central combat system of Conan, but making some modifications to suit the Dark Knight and pals (read more about the making of the game in our exclusive interview in February’s issue of Tabletop Gaming), Gotham City Chronicles pits one player as the enemy controlling all of the villains and their henchpeople against a group of up to three players individually controlling the heroes using energy cubes to pull off a variety of actions.

Conan studio Monolith previously confirmed that the game would be exclusive to Kickstarter, making it the only place to get the game. It seems to be a tactic that’s worked, as the game has quickly shot past its initial goal of £360,000 and has already raised more than £1.3 million in less than a day – with 31 left to go.

The core Gotham City Chronicles game is split into two boxes, one for heroes and another for villains, each with plenty of miniatures based on the comics.

The heroes box comes with seven members of the batfamily, including Batman, Catwoman, Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, The Huntress and Commissioner Gordon, plus some friendly SWAT members and Gotham City police officers.

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On the villains side, you’ll find Bane, Killer Croc, Clayface, the Joker, Harley Quinn, The Riddler, Scarecrow, Mr Freeze and Poison Ivy with their associated goons (and some plants for Ivy).

The combined set comes with two double-sided environment boards, various cards for equipment and abilities, and the Conan-esque command board used by the villain player to control their characters, as well as the separate player boards that the heroes use to move their cubes around and track health and stamina.

The minimum buy-in is $140 (£101) for the base set, which includes the heroes and villains boxes and any unlocked stretch goals.

The other main option is an all-in pledge, which gets you the standard box and a selection of expansions adding Wayne Manor, Arkham Asylum, the Batmobile, extra dice and a one-on-one mode – adding a variety of extra environments and figures (including that classic Batman character, a T-rex) to the game. For that, though, you’ll need a have a bank balance in the league of Bruce Wayne himself – it’s $320, or £230, plus up to $35 (£25) in postage. (The expansions can be added on separately, too.)

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles’ Kickstarter runs until March 31st.


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