Gloomhaven: Subtitle gets a subtitle: Jaws of the Lion

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19 November 2019
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The much anticipated Gloomhaven expansion-slash-gateway-drug trailed at SHUX 2019 now has an actual name, rather than the cheeky Gloomhaven: Subtitle.

The new box is designed to be a lot less scary than the olympic sized Gloomhaven big box. Smaller in stature in that the box is the standard size (23x32cm) which means it can nestle amongst the other games for warmth, rather than having to sit on its own trolly to be wheeled into the play area.

This smaller size comes with four new characters, 16 monster types (including 3 bosses) and a new 25 scenario campaign. 

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This box can be played entirely on its own, and as it is set up as a prequel to the main events of Gloomhaven it just aches of being the thing to suck even more players into this gigantic-boxed world.

For players who have finished Gloomhaven (yes, I’m talking to you very tired and dedicated three at the back) the new missions set within the city should provide an additional bite of the Gloomhaven cherry. The plot follows a Valrath Red Guard, the Quatryl Demolitionist, the Inox Hatchet, and the Human Voidwarden as they attempt to solve some mysterious disappearances in the city. The group of mercenaries refer to themselves as the sub-titular Jaws of the Lion, although, of course, we might refer to them as The Mercenaries Formerly Known As Subtitle.

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion should hit retail around Q3 2020 - perfect for, er, next Christmas. 


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