‘Giant’ Gloomhaven expansion could bring a brand new campaign to the legacy adventure game

05 February 2018
pic2437871-66185.jpg Gloomhaven
Isaac Childres says he plans for the unannounced add-on to be as big as the original box

Gloomhaven is already a colossal game, but it’s set to get even bigger with news of a first expansion currently in the works.

Creator Isaac Childres mentioned on his blog that his ‘main goal’ for 2018 was to work on an expansion for the epic legacy adventure game – and newly-crowned ruler of the BoardGameGeek rankings (not to mention a close runner-up in our own Game of the Year awards).

Calling the project “a giant affair”, Childres revealed that he plans for the add-on to be similar in scale to the original game – which already takes dozens upon dozens of hours to complete in full.

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“I want it to have as much content as Gloomhaven,” he confirmed, adding that the expansion could include “a full new campaign, plenty of new character classes, monsters, and scenarios, plus a lot of new mechanics I’m excited about”.

He previously told Tabletop Gaming that he was working on a ‘big-box sequel’ with a whole new campaign, characters, monsters and world interactions last spring – though it’s not clear whether this sequel later evolved into the newly-discussed expansion. Of course, there’s also Founders of Gloomhaven, the worker-placement prequel due out this year.

Before you get too excited, Childres insisted that he’s only just begun work on the project and doesn’t expect to be finished by the time we move into 2019.

In a later blog entry, he added that he has “absolutely no plans” to put out a new edition of the original Gloomhaven box, but would continue to release reprints of the game, which has been updated with improvements to the player mats and minor rules changes – which the designer maintains is “still not a new edition”.


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