Free League Announce Vaesen: 'Mythic Britain'

30 March 2021
There's no horror like home

This weekend was that of the Tabletop Gaming Spring Showcase, which was two days full of content from a huge range of publishers and designers. One of the many we were delighted to speak with was Free League, where we talked to Tomas Härenstam about what their plans were for 2021. Amid this, came the exciting announcement for Vaesen, in Mythic Britain. 

Vaesen is a nordic horror RPG, set in the nineteenth century in a land where myths are real – and where you should be scared of what lurks in the dark. The core setting of the game is currently mythical Scandanavia or more vaguely, the mythic north. The creatures in the core game are inspired by the folklore of Scandinavia, but Härenstam commented on cool folklore in other places, leading to the announcement of Mythic Britain, a new sourcebook and campaign book set in the folklore of the British Isles. 

Although it's too early to say how it'll reach our shelves - this may be Kickstarted, but hasn't yet been confirmed - we do know that Graham Davis, iconic game writer, will be writing the expansion, and there'll be brand new art from Johan Egerkrans to accompany it. 

That's not to forget mentions of Symbaroum, focussed around an epic campaign, where the fifth instalment is being worked on, and more information will be coming within the coming months, in The Chronicle of The Throne of Thorns, or the additional information shared by Tomas Härenstam throughout. 

You can check out the full video by seeing below, or check us out on Youtube - be sure to subscribe for all the exciting news!

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