Former Z-Man head founds publisher Plan B Games, announces debut project Century

12 January 2017
pic3339643-35945.jpg The Century trilogy: Spice Road, Eastern Wonders and A New World
New studio absorbs Flick ‘Em Up and Junk Art outlet Pretzel Games

A new publisher has burst onto the tabletop gaming block, led by the former president of major label Z-Man Games and with plans for a debut trilogy of games.

Plan B Games is being led by CEO Sophie Gravel and has absorbed Flick ‘Em Up and Junk Art outlet Pretzel Games, which wasn’t sold off with the rest of Z-Man’s studios when the publisher was acquired by Asmodee late last year.

Despite being owned by Plan B, Pretzel will remain as an entity in its own right, publishing upcoming titles such as crossover Flick ‘Em Up: Dead of Winter under its own name.

Meanwhile, Plan B has revealed its debut release, Century: Spice Road.

A reimagined version of Emerson Matsuuchi’s Caravan, an unreleased design originally announced by Z-Man at the start of last year, Spice Road is the first part of a planned Century trilogy of titles.

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Spice Road casts players as 15th-century caravan leaders travelling the silk road and attempting to find fortune by harvesting, transporting and flogging spices.

The subsequent Century entries – Eastern Wonders and A New World – are expected for release in 2018 and 2019, respectively, sharing a common theme (although the next two titles will be set in the 16th and 17th centuries) that allows the three games to be played either standalone or combined.

Century: Spice Road is due to launch at the Origins Game Fair on June 14th of this year, priced at $40 (£33).

Plan B has teased extra game announcements for the coming weeks, including a new title from Pandemic creator Matt Leacock.


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