First images of Pandemic Legacy Season 2 game board and box emerge

18 October 2016
Pandemic-Legacy-Season-2-37415.jpg Red and blue boxes return for the second season
Follow-up to critically acclaimed legacy title appears to show scratch-and-reveal map
First images of Pandemic Legacy Season 2 game board and box emerge Images

The highly anticipated second season of Matt Leacock and Rob Daviau’s Pandemic Legacy has finally broken cover, thanks to a prototype game board and boxes spotted at Essen.

The photos taken by BoardGameGeek users The Boardgeek and Ubergeek show a similar division into two red and blue boxes like the first season of the game, as well as a new map diverging heavily from the tweaked Pandemic map used in the first title.

The picture of the board appears to show a scratch-and-reveal mechanic, with the majority of the board covered by a removable blue grid under which the global map lies.

It also looks like there will be new dock locations and travel routes, reminiscent of the upcoming Pandemic Iberia. The inclusion of naval travel is highlighted in the art on the two boxes, with pictures of ships clearly visible.

Meanwhile, the surrounding design has been rearranged and expanded, with the standard spaces for Infection Deck, Player Deck and their respective discard piles all present, plus a new space for plague cubes.

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The spaces for cured/eradicated diseases appear to have vanished, but there are multiple numbered shapes, suggesting the reappearance of stickers added to the board during the season’s length.

Below the space for objective cards, a piece of flavour text potentially reveals the game’s setting: ‘71 years of the Fall.’

It’s worth noting that the images of the box and board were removed from BGG (and reposted on Beasts of War) as they were only prototype components, meaning everything could change before the game eventually hits shelves.

UPDATE: The Pandemic box images were taken by BGG user The Boardgeek, rather than Ubergeek. The text has been updated to reflect this.


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