Fallout miniatures game Wasteland Warfare will launch with a £700 bundle

04 October 2017
Fallout_Art_with_logos_138a4d9a-1785-462f-8c9e-ff09f14f0c6f-99776.png Fallout: Wasteland Warfare
Standard two-player pack costs £60

If you want to check out Modiphius’ miniatures adaptation of video game series Fallout, you’d best start saving those caps.

The publisher has put Fallout: Wasteland Warfare up for pre-order on its online store ahead of the game’s release next year, and the prices are interesting, to say the least.

At the lower end of the scale are standalone sets of survivors, monsters and characters for anywhere between £20 and £55, with a enormous Super Mutant behemoth towards the top end and a deathclaw costing a pretty reasonable £20. There are plenty of iconic creatures from the Fallout universe represented, from radscorpions and radroaches to eyebots, protectrons and ghouls.

There’s also a good mix of terrain and scenery, bringing the atomic age of Fallout to life with radioactive containers, Vault Tec supplies, Nuka-Cola machines, terminals and abandoned cars – a scenic starter set brings together a selection for £80, and there’s a Red Rocket play mat and pre-made building, too.

Of course, the most important price is how much it’ll cost you to just start playing from the off. The answer is £60, if you’re after the standard two-player starter set, which includes a mix of survivors, Super Mutants, Dogmeat, a deathclaw, a Brotherhood of Steel aspirant in T-60 power armour and the cards and accessories needed to play.

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If you’re really looking to go all-in on the game, though, the price can quickly spiral up. There are three different bundles up for £125, which combine the starter set with extra survivors, Super Mutants and Brotherhood of Steel sets, respectively.

The next jump up is the £395 Vault Dweller bundle, which brings the three smaller bundles together into a single pack – so that’s the starter box plus survivors, Super Mutants and Brotherhood of Steel expansions.

That’s a lot of money, but it’s not the end. Oh no, because at the top of the pile is the Vault Tec complete package, which includes every set, expansion, optional accessory and miniature announced for Wasteland Warfare so far. The price for this instant collection? A non-trivial £699 – although the Modiphius site helpfully points out that it’s £60 cheaper than buying the bits separately. So really you’re saving money!

Modiphius is also chucking in some goodies for those who spend more than £120 on Fallout pre-orders on its site, comprising of a Nuka Cola Girl miniatures and cards that will be offered at conventions in the future.

The company is no stranger to lavish editions of its games, having recently released RPG Star Trek Adventures with a £400 collector’s edition that came in a huge Borg Cube.


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