Exclusive Games At Tabletop Gaming Live 2022

24 August 2022
6 Games Exclusively Launching or To Buy at Tabletop Gaming Live

Tabletop Gaming Live 2022 is coming up quick – and as you know we have hundreds of stands, thousands of gamers already heading down for the weekend and some cool workshops that you can use to kickstart your game design, kit-bashing or GMing passion.




But what about exclusives on the day? Here’s six of our favourite games:


1 Amelia’s Secret

This is your first chance to play a full 20-minute scenario of Amelia’s Secret, a spooky escape game that uses augmented reality to turn your home into a puzzle-filled haunted house. Can you work out what the titular secret is and make it out alive? Tabletop Gaming Live is the first place for you to be able to try and buy the game all in one place.


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2 Epic Encounters: Island of the Crab Archon and Cove of the Dragon Turtle

Steamforged Games are showing of two of their new Epic Encounters boxes. These encounter-focused adventures for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition come with everything you need to drop them into you game – and a beautiful miniature or selection of miniatures. Island of the Crab Archon offers 21 extremely cool crab-people miniatures, and Cove of the Dragon Turtle does exactly what it says on the tin – there’s a massive turtle dragon inside, ready to cause problems for your players. Tabletop Gaming Live is the first place to be able to buy these beautiful boxes.


3 King of Monster Island

The classic King of Tokyo formula (of being quite mean to one another through the power of big cardboard monsters and dice) is flipped on its head with this new outing in the series. King of Monster Island is a cooperative version of the classic game and sees your monsters teaming up against a threat that is even bigger than themselves. Get your first look with Coiled Spring at Tabletop Gaming Live.


4 Mada and Toko Island

Two new games from Helvetiq in their small-box range are set to charm us once again, exclusively at Tabletop Gaming Live. Mada is a game by Sophia Wagner in the hand-management and push-you-luck genre with a bright theme of a surprised looking lemur. Collect the prickly pears as quick as possible to win. Toko Island is a cooperative game about finding treasure on an island. Dig through the island to find your rewards and work together to return with riches.



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