Evil Dead 2 publisher working on The Terminator board game with film co-writer

16 November 2016
650x650_8f26d940f21eec517c5af2501baf180a11dabb7bf311a3bb82c42e1a-94726.jpg The Terminator board game box
Space Goat Productions to launch Kickstarter for project in February next year
Evil Dead 2 publisher working on The Terminator board game with film co-writer Images

Space Goat Productions, the comic book publisher that took its first step into the tabletop world with Evil Dead 2: The Board Game, has lined up its next movie spin-off: The Terminator.

Space Goat is working on The Terminator: The Official Board Game with the blessing of Studiocanal, Oak Productions and Creative Licensing, ICv2 reports. What’s more, one of the original co-writers of The Terminator and Terminator 2, William Wisher, will be contributing to the project as a story consultant, suggesting a stronger narrative element to the game.

The title will apparently be based exclusively on the first entry in James Cameron’s sci-fi action franchise, and will cast one overlord player as the antagonistic robotic machines as they attempt to hunt down Sarah Connor and stop the human resistance before it even begins.

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The other players (a maximum player count was not detailed) will control the humans, battling to survive in both 1984 and 2029 by completing objectives that tie the two time periods together – one example offered is the ability to hide a stash of weapons in 1984, before digging the armaments up 45 years later to help fight the machines.

Concept art shows miniatures for the skeletal robots and their quad-copter dropships, recalling the recent miniatures wargame based on the fourth film in the series, Genisys, which was released last year. We’re afraid no miniature of Arnold Schwarzenegger has been shown or confirmed just yet.

Space Goat will launch a Kickstarter for The Terminator: The Official Board Game in February next year, two months before its Evil Dead 2 title is planned for release, having been pushed out of this year by unexpected delays.


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