Eric Lang’s samurai follow-up to Blood Rage, Rising Sun, has already made over $1.3 million on Kickstarter

08 March 2017
40dd561989ec4cbd0a067852bed4230b_original-68863.png Rising Sun
Could this be the game to knock Kingdom Death from the top of the crowdfunding site?

Rising Sun, the samurai-themed spiritual successor to Eric Lang’s critically lauded Viking ‘dudes on a map’ title Blood Rage, hasn’t just launched on Kickstarter – it’s been propelled into the stratosphere of the crowdfunding platform.

Set in feudal Japan, Rising Sun sees players utilising military might, political deftness and tactical allegiances to lead their clan to greatness, all the while dealing with opposing rivals and mythical monsters that can be convinced to align with a faction.

Honour plays a key role in the game, with broken ties and disreputable behaviour resulting in losing standing – and potentially resulting in the self-sacrificial act of seppuku.

The game features plenty of fantastic-looking miniatures for each of the clans and the monsters, with stretch goals unlocking extra figures.

Plenty of the stretch goals have already been smashed, as Rising Sun attracted close to $1.3 million (£1.1 million) in its first day on Kickstarter, obliterating its initial $300,000 (£247,000) target.

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In a nice change to many Kickstarter projects, there’s only a single pledge level; $100 (£82) (plus shipping) gets you the core box and Kickstarter-exclusive phoenix monster miniature, plus any unlocked stretch goals.

There’s still 26 days left to go – Kickstarter analytics site Kicktraq estimates that if the current momentum is maintained, Rising Sun could make up to $20 million (£16.4m). Although unlikely, this would unseat Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5 from being Kickstarter's most-funded project to date, having raised $12.4 million (£10.2m) in January.

Rising Sun should be out next April.


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