Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy, the sequel to the 2011 sci-fi strategy epic, lands on Kickstarter this May

19 February 2018
pic3989379-49856.jpg Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy
Includes new gameplay elements, polished rules and more miniatures

The upcoming second edition of Touko Tahkokallio’s space opera strategy game Eclipse will be crowdfunded on Kickstarter this spring.

Announced last year as a hugely expanded new version of the 2011 epic, Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy will both refresh the original game’s visuals and introduce a spread of new gameplay concepts, while polishing up the first edition’s rules for better balance.

The box will include the first set of ship miniatures released for the original game, as well as redesigned figures for ancients, GCDS, orbitals and more, stored in custom plastic inlays. There’ll also be new custom dice to resolve combat faster.

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Completing the overhaul is a new short story introducing the universe, penned by sci-fi novelist Johanna Sinisalo.

Eclipse studio has teamed up with Kolossal Games, the fresh-faced publisher behind recent Kickstarter success Western Legends, to take Second Dawn for the Galaxy to the crowdfunding site, with a campaign planned for this May.

There’s no confirmation of upgrade kits for the original game or details of exactly what might be offered as part of the Kickstarter – or whether the game will be exclusive to the campaign – but, with the campaign only a few months away, we’d expect to hear more very soon.


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