Dream Home studio Rebel becomes Asmodee’s next acquisition

31 January 2018
Dream-Home-Box-Art-38728.jpg Dream Home
Polish publisher joins Z-Man, Days of Wonder, Plaid Hat, Fantasy Flight and more

Asmodee’s hoovering up of every games studio that comes within reach of the mega-publisher has sucked in its latest addition.

This time around, it’s Polish outlet Rebel, probably best known in the UK and US for its charming house-building kids’ game Dream Home, as well as mountain-climbing hand management title K2 and asymmetrical dwarves-versus-dragon card game Drako.

On the business side of things, it’s not an entirely unexpected move for Asmodee, as Rebel has also been responsible for bringing several of the company’s releases to Poland for more than a decade.

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The official line is that the Asmodee Group – which already includes studios such as Fantasy Flight, Catan Studio, Z-Man, Days of Wonder and more – has entered “exclusive discussions” to purchase Rebel, meaning that it’s essentially a done deal.

Rebel’s own announcement of the buyout (albeit translated from Polish) cuts to the chase, saying “talks on the takeover of Rebel were successful”.

It’s obviously the latest in a long line of acquisitions for Asmodee, which has picked up the rights to dice storytelling game Rory’s Story Cubes; Z-Man, Plaid Hat and Pretzel owner F2Z Entertainment; and European games firms Heidelberger Spieleverlag, Edge Entertainment and Millenium within the last year or so.


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