Dixit World brings the storytelling card game to iOS and Android for free

19 September 2018
dixit-world-79165.jpg Dixit World
Going Dixit-al

You can now sign up for Dixit World’s beta, giving you your first look at the mobile app based on the storytelling card game.

Dixit World is billed as something more than a straight port of Jean-Louis Roubira’s 2010 Spiel des Jahres winner, in which one player tells a short story inspired by a picture card, before it’s shuffled in with the cards of the other players that they feel best reflects the sentence. The other players try to pick out the storyteller’s original card, while avoiding the misleading cards of their opponents.

Dixit World sticks to the deductive gameplay but opens up the opportunity for players to compete against people from around the globe, with added social features such as chat.

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As well as the online multiplayer, the iOS and Android app will support offline pass-and-play, as well as other ways to play in different modes.

The app will be free-to-play, with new cards and items available as in-app purchases. Developer Libellud Digital insists that “nothing is pay to win”.

In the works since last year, Dixit World has just opened up registrations via the game’s website for players to test the unfinished beta version of the app.

The app was originally slated for launch during the summer on iOS, with an Android release following a few months later. It’s not clear what the release date for the final app may be now, given the delayed launch of the beta.


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