Detective is a board game from the creator of Robinson Crusoe and First Martians where you use the real-world internet to solve crimes

15 March 2017
pic3464100-74824.jpg Detective: A Modern Crime Boardgame
2018 release mixes physical components with the option to research clues using an online database and Wikipedia

The next game from First Martians, Robinson Crusoe and Imperial Settlers designer Ignacy Trzewiczek will be an ambitious crime-solving title where players will need to research their mysteries in real life using the internet to crack their case.

Detective: A Modern Crime Boardgame has been co-created with author Przemysław Rymer and features five scenarios that can be played alone or linked together in a connected narrative.

In the box will be ‘many’ physical components, which players can combine with an online companion service called ANTERES that provides further details about the suspects, witnesses and clues related to each situation.

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That’s not all, however – Trzewiczek said that players will also need to turn to online resources such as Wikipedia or Google to look up real-life information that might help them solve the conundrum.

“The fourth wall is a well-known concept in theatre,” Trzewiczek explained. “With Detective we are breaking this fourth wall.

“We offer an immersive experience like no other. Players are not playing a character who investigates crime, the players are actually investigating the crime. Players have all modern tools available. They are able to search Wikipedia to confirm some information, or check the history of World War II to verify a witness statement.”

Detective is due out as the first release of publisher Portal Games next year, with a price and final list of box contents yet to be confirmed.


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