Designer Tim Fowers teases ‘Burgle Bros: Legacy’

06 December 2016
s476457380892848374_p14_i3_w640-53854.png Burgle Bros was originally released last year
Paperback creator confirms that new title will include ‘content that can be used outside of the campaign’

Designer Tim Fowers has teased a legacy spin-off to his co-operative heist board game Burgle Bros.

Fowers, who also created wordy deckbuilder Paperback and culinary team title Wok Star, responded to a comment on Twitter noting that he was yet to work on ‘Burgle Bros: Legacy’ by teasing: ‘Funny you mention that.’

The designer later took to a Reddit thread regarding the tweet to seemingly confirm that he was working on something ‘close’ to the suggested legacy version of the game.

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“It's still very early so can't say much, but I'm always open to community ideas for stuff to include,” he added.

The only other detail Fowers offered was in response to a user’s concern that the new title or expansion should ‘add to the regular game in a non-legacy way’.

"There will be content that can be used outside of the campaign,” Fowers assured.

Burgle Bros is currently being reprinted – the game originally launched last year after raising $228,000 on Kickstarter.


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