Dead of Winter’s co-creator is turning retro arcade games Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command into board games

08 March 2017
Atari-idwgames-40544.jpg Missile Command, Asteroids and Centipede
Centipede is due out this autumn

Forget tabletop takes on modern PC and console video games such as Doom, Dark Souls, Bloodborne and League of Legends – soon you’ll be able to relive the retro arcade hits of the 1970s and '80s in board game form.

That’s because IDW Games has teamed up with iconic video games maker Atari to bring some of the company's best-known titles to the tabletop.

The first three games confirmed to make the jump from the virtual to physical world are Centipede, Asteroids and Missile Command, with 1980’s Centipede the first to launch this autumn.

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Dead of Winter co-creator Jon Gilmour, who is also currently working on Jurassic Park-a-like Dinosaur Island, is leading the adaptation efforts and has apparently ‘hand-picked’ a team of “up-and-coming co-developers” to help turn pixels into cards, counters, tokens and whatnot.

There’s few extra details regarding the project, with IDW simply vowing that each entry in the series will feel different to play.

From the look of the teaser artwork released, it does look like the board game ports will at least maintain the fabulous artwork of the original arcade hits.


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