D&D Meets... Lego?

06 October 2022
2D4 bludgeoning damage for when you step on a brick

It's a big time for Wizards of the Coast, with 30 years of Magic: the Gathering, and 50 years of Dungeons & Dragons, which means we can expect to see some surprising mash ups in celebration. The newest announced is that of Lego, joining with D&D, in an all new competition. 

Lego run a program named Lego Ideas, which allows the every day lego builder to create fantastical arrangements based on any franchise (or none), and the community itself votes on these. Particularly successful ones are then considered for actual creation, which has led to ones such as the Botanical Gardens, Prehistoric Dinosaurs, and a Friends Set, amongst many others. 

Whilst a Lego Ideas genre, this is more specifically a competition, inviting creations from the world of D&D specifically, as announced yesterday. Creators are invited to build ultimate builds from storylines, monsters, characters, heroes and locations – examples given as: 

  • Detailed Display Model of your Favorite Character or Monster;
  • Functional Display Models for Players / Dungeon Masters;
  • Ultimate Build with customizable elements;
    all rooted in the D&D World

Judges made up of Lego Ideas Team, and Wizards of the Coast, will then choose designs from the pool of submissions, to head to a fan vote, which will help indicate interest, before the judges select the model to be made in real production. Winners will receive 1% of the total net sales from the product, ten copies of it, credit, and a prize package of D&D goodies. 

The deadline for submission is November 14th, 2022, and the challenge can be found here

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