Colt Express is coming to iOS, Android and PC next month

17 October 2016
pic2869710-18742.jpg Colt Express for iOS, Android and PC will include a new story mode
Digital version of 2015 Spiel des Jahres winner adds a story mode and online multiplayer

Last year’s Spiel des Jahres victor Colt Express is steaming ahead into the digital world with a mobile and PC release.

If you’re unfamiliar with the game, Colt Express sees up to six players take on the role of bandits robbing a train in the Wild West, dodging the sheriff and fleecing rich travellers.

The iOS, Android and PC adaptation of the game is being developed by Asmodee Digital and Frima Studios, and will feature a number of notable changes to the title.

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Perhaps the biggest addition is the introduction of a story mode, which will take place across 30 chapters and expand the stories of the six bandit characters through unlockable graphic novels. The campaign will also allow players to unlock new mechanics, game modes, items, settings and character skins.

The game will also include online multiplayer, with up to six players able to work together. The mode will support friends lists to make playing with pals a bit easier, while players can check their score against a worldwide leaderboard to see how they stack up.

It’s unsure whether the digital version will include elements from the first expansion Horses & Stagecoach or the new add-on Marshal & Prisoners – but we would err on the side of it being just the base game for the time being.

Colt Express will cost $6.99 on iOS and Android in the US, with a PC release via Steam priced at $9.99. All three digital versions are planned for launch next month, November 2016.


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