Co-op fantasy adventure Legends of Andor is questing onto iOS and Android

18 December 2017
DRF9sM3X0AAY_7K-10771.jpg Legends of Andor prototype
Designer of Kennerspiel des Jahres winner Michael Menzel working with film writer and director Jörg Ihle on side story to board game

Legends of Andor, Michael Menzel’s story-driven co-op adventure game, is journeying forth into the digital world with an upcoming release on mobile.

The 2012 game, which picked up the following year’s Kennerspiel des Jahres (‘Expert Game of the Year’) prize, involves a party of heroes working together to fend off the attacks of monsters on the titular fantasy realm.

Each campaign takes place over five interlinked scenarios, with players’ actions having an impact on the way the narrative plays out. The group can choose to stay behind and defend the castle, or set out to complete quests in the hope of gaining an extra advantage over their foes.

The upcoming adaptation for iOS and Android phones and tablets will seemingly tell a side story to the main narrative explored in the board game, featuring some of the characters from the tabletop original.

It’s said to be strongly based on the board game, but using the digital medium to introduce some unique aspects and ‘numerous enhancements’.

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The wording of developers USM and Klonk’s announcement appears to refer to only a single player controlling the whole band of heroes, so it’s unclear at the moment whether the app will include multiplayer of some kind – although, given the co-op focus, you’d hope it would be in the works.

Menzel is working on the digital version alongside film and video game writer and director Jörg Ihle.

The app is said to have completed a prototype phase and will now move into full development over the next few months – but a final release date is yet to be confirmed.


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